The 21st century, the century of medicine and biology, presents opportunities for creating innovations that will revolutionize health care treatments and delivery. But it is also a time that presents serious challenges, such as rising costs and access to quality health care, especially for the underprivileged. Working with our academic partners at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) and LAC+USC Medical Center, with our neighborhoods, and with the City and County of Los Angeles, USC has the potential to be a leading voice in the area of lifespan health and wellness here and around the world. It also highlights USC’s collective and more integrated approach to caregiving, drawing on the participation of scholars and practitioners not just in medicine but across many disciplines. By doing so, we will weave together all threads of our impact: solving problems, seizing opportunities, and supporting our community.

In the coming years, USC will embark on building a new, state-of-the-art hospital in East Los Angeles in order to provide world-class medical service and patient care for the people of Los Angeles. We will expand our clinical footprint throughout Southern California. We will continue to recruit the world’s leading health care professionals that treat the most complex clinical cases. We will invest in research institutes that investigate the early antecedents of good long-term health; the major health problems of Los Angeles, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer; diseases related to environmental impacts such as pollution, health policy and health care delivery, and dementia and other health problems associated with an aging population. We will expand our efforts to translate research quickly from bench to bedside to serve people across the globe. We will take advantage of the diversity of Los Angeles by engaging our friends and neighbors as partners in clinical research, and provide more opportunities for health professional trainees to engage in biomedical and health care research. And we will launch the first major biotech community in Los Angeles, creating the infrastructure to support startup companies and accelerators while also spurring economic development and high-tech job training for our local communities. As we continue building our clinical, scholarly, and research capacity and form new partnerships, a guiding principle will be to integrate patients’ health, behavioral health, and social service needs in ways that improve coordination of care within and across those systems.