GE Categories

In considering over 300 responses to our call for feedback in the GE redesign process, the following categories were prepared by the Spring 2013 General Education Revision Committee. The thirty-two member committee worked throughout the semester to produce a document that responds to the charges issued by USC Provost Elizabeth Garrett.  Each category contains course descriptions and learning objectives.

Six subcommittees consisting of four to six members each produced drafts that were approved by the full committee on April 25, 2013. The process involved lively discussions and deliberations on the essential  components of a GE program that is both “responsive to changing social and academic contexts” and “distinct in terms of USC’s core values, institutional identity and location.”  Below are the reports for each new GE category:

The USC Strategic Vision: Matching Deeds to Ambitions challenges the university to become a national leader in the transformation of undergraduate education for the twenty-first century. We believe the revised GE program will advance the university’s objectives in this area, and we look forward to the challenges of implementation that lie ahead.

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