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Building A Better “CAR”

Several recent cancer treatments show considerable promise. Among them is Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapy, which the American Society of Clinical Oncology recently named the “2018 Advance of the Year.” Three USC Viterbi researchers – Assistant Professor Stacey Finley, Professor Pin Wang and Assistant Professor Nick Graham – have just published a paper in “Biophysical Journal” that sheds light on how this new treatment works, information …

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Ensuring Lifespan Health

As you may know, Ensuring Lifespan Health is one of USC’s strategic priorities. Life expectancies are generally increasing worldwide, contributing to a demographic shift in which older people will soon outnumber young children. This change presents health care challenges on a global scale and refigures certain elements of our social fabric. At USC, and with our partners across the country and world, …

USC dentistry provides free dental treatment to hundreds of underserved South Los Angeles students

USC dentistry provides free dental treatment to hundreds of underserved South Los Angeles students

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Ostrow kicked off its two-year engagement with a special community event and VIP tours of USC’s three mobile clinics, including the Hutto Patterson Mobile Dental Clinic, a nation’s second-largest mobile dental clinic. The endeavor represents a partnership between Ostrow, the California Resources Corporation, the United Teachers Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Throughout the day, Ostrow …

Engineers Develop New Portable Malaria Screening Instrument

According to the World Health Organization, over 216 million people were infected with malaria in 2016, and 445,000 individuals died from the disease. The key to solving this health crisis is early-stage diagnosis when malaria therapeutics are most effective. A new prototype for a portable instrument capable of early-stage malaria detection has been developed by a team of researchers at …

The Pop-Up DREAM Center has launched

This April marked the soft launch of our Pop-Up DREAM Center, a resource center for USC’s undocumented and DACAmented students, staff, faculty, and others. It has been made possible by the Department of American Studies & Ethnicity, the IDEAS Movement at USC, the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, and the Center for Urban Education.

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Spring Semester Stress — and Help

Spring Semester can be a stressful time as we work toward final projects and exams, grades, commencement in a scant few weeks — is that even possible? — and deal with the myriad other matters that must be completed before the academic year draws to a close.

2018 Zumberge Diversity and Inclusion Grant Awardees

I want to share some great news today: five of our stellar faculty members have been awarded significant grants from the James H. Zumberge Faculty Research and Innovation Fund’s Diversity and Inclusion Grant program. It’s a mouthful to say, but the funds are absolutely critical – they support research and scholarship that addresses critical gaps in knowledge on equity, diversity, and inclusion, …

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Mindful USC

Wellness and the promotion of mental, physical, and emotional health are longstanding priorities of the faculty, staff, and student communities at USC. As a way of proactively addressing wellness on campus, we launched Mindful USC four years ago as a secular, university-wide initiative focused on positive health outcomes and learning experiences for our campus community, especially in terms of stress …

Homeless Count

USC Community Gives Back

The last six weeks have been a challenging time for many members of our USC community. The hurricane in Puerto Rico left that island devastated. Hurricanes also struck Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. Earthquakes occurred in Mexico. Fires are raging in California. And, of course, the horrific mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas that had ramifications on our campus…

Lifespan Health

Steering Committees for USC’s Commitment to Confronting 21st Century Challenges

As one of the world’s leading research universities, it is incumbent upon USC to bring to bear its breadth and depth of scholarship, its history of innovation, and its collaborative spirit on the most complex problems and challenges of the 21st Century. To that end, I am pleased to announce USC’s commitment to confronting such issues head-on…