GE Redesign: Social Analysis

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At a time of rapid social, economic and cultural transformation, both in the United States and globally, the insights of social analysis take on critical significance. The social sciences seek to explain the causes and consequences of a wide range of complex phenomena, including how individual and collective human action shapes and is shaped by economic organizations, political institutions, and social and cultural settings broadly understood. These phenomena include the role of gender, race, class and identity across time and settings in the United States and the world. Courses in this area will introduce students to analytical approaches and methods  of the social sciences, both quantitative and qualitative, and to how these insights can be brought to bear to better understand our social world.

Requirement: two courses


Learning Objectives

After completing this requirement students will be able to:

  • Apply methods of social analysis from at least one social science discipline to the study of human behavior and experience in economic, political, cultural and/ or social settings;
  • Understand the nature of empirical evidence and assess the usefulness of qualitative and/ or quantitative evidence in explaining specific social phenomena; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the interplay between human action and organizations, institutions, and social and cultural settings


Courses that satisfy the “Social Analysis” requirement:

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