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The creative act, in its many manifestations, reflects, defines, and is defined by human experience and endeavors. The Arts curriculum perpetuates this proud heritage. The goal of general arts education is to help students discover, explore and interpret this rich and multi-faceted history and to situate themselves within its traditions.

The seven world-class schools of Architecture, Cinematic Arts, Creative Writing at the Dornsife School, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Fine Arts and Music at USC represent a full range of aesthetic and interpretive understanding, providing a comprehensive framework that encourages imagination, individual growth, personal awareness, and technical facility. Each of these schools is uniquely equipped to teach students about creativity today because of USC’s culturally abundant setting. Los Angeles is a living laboratory that both mirrors and predicts our collective global future. This vibrant world city provides a perfect environment in which to nurture aesthetic sensibilities, explore untested ideas and experiment with new forms of creative expression.

Learning Objectives

  1. Analysis: Increase the student’s ability to analyze creative endeavors, including describing them with appropriate vocabulary, examining their formal elements, and engaging in research to understand their contexts.
  2. Making: Expand the student’s knowledge about the creative process, as exemplified by specific works studied and, in many cases, by the student’s making creative work.
  3. Connectivity: Deepen the student’s appreciation of the connections between creative endeavors and the concurrent political, religious, and social conditions; show how these endeavors fulfill cultural functions or fill cultural needs.
  4. Context: Enrich the student’s discernment of creative production by increasing knowledge of its theoretical, historical, and aesthetic bases across history and cultures.
  5. Engagement:  Increase the student’s understanding of becoming a lifelong supporter or participant in the arts by exposure to creative production in the contemporary environment.

GE courses that satisfy the “Arts” requirement:

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